My First Born

14 Nov by Sarah A. Hammoud

My First Born

I haven’t always understood how parents get so overwhelmed when a baby is born. I couldn’t grasp the concept of becoming so indulged into sharing this birth on Social Media. However, recently, I experienced a birth my own…

I couldn’t but call it a birth since it took a lot of time and effort to develop inside my heart, brain and imagination. An idea grew inside my heart becoming a Dream. After long nights of hard work, sacrifice and a load of commitment and belief, a Dream was born and “Speculum 360” became a reality. It became “A DREAM COME TRUE!!”

My First Born may not be flesh and blood, but it’s alive enough to me. It had brought every letter of impossible into non-existence and made me believe that nothing is away from possible, unless we want it to be.

My apologies to all parents for not understanding the sacresy of such feeling and I tell you with all open heart… NOW I KNOW!!